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Feather Hair Extensions Directions

Feather Hair Extensions VIDEO:


 Hair Feather Extensions Step1
  • Select feathers you are going to use for the feather extension. Insert micro-bead on to the threading needle. Section hair. Grasp about 1/8" inch section of hair that is underneath the natural part in hair, where you want to display the feathers.
Hair Feather Extensions Step2
  • Insert sectioned hair into the threading needle. Slide micro-bead off threading needle and on to hair.
Hair Feather Extensions Step3
  • Hold the micro-bead close to the scalp, insert feathers into the micro-bead. Be sure to insert feather right-side up. Use your artistic license to insert 1 to 5 feathers, various colors, into micro-bead.
Hair Feather Extensions Step4
  • Be sure to position the hair and the micro-bead so that it follows the flow of the hair. Do not hold in upward or sideways direction, which will cause uneven tension. Hold the hair and the micro-bead into position. Crimp the micro-bead flat. Be sure to crimp the micro-bead tightly so it flattens out completely.
Hair Feather Extensions Step5
  • TO REMOVE: Insert the micro-bead into the crimper. Crimp in opposite direction to open. Slide out the feather from the micro-bead. Discard the micro-bead. You may choose to re-use feathers.
Hair Flairs Hair Feather Extensions model
  • Wash, blow-dry, style and enjoy your Feather extensions.