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Directions Pro Hair Tinsel

Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel VIDEO:

DIRECTIONS: Tie hair tinsel using 3 steps.

1st Create a slip knot. 2nd Tie the hair and tinsel together. 3rd Tie the tinsel together in the final knot.

  • Fold tinsel in half. Hold 3" inches from fold, creating a 'loop' and a 'tail'.
  • With opposite hand, reach into the tinsel loop, pick up the ends of the tinsel, and pull the ends through the loop.
  • You now have a slip knot. Hold the slip knot so you can slide 3 hairs into your slip knot.
  • Slide the slip knot on to 2-3 strands of hair. (DO NOT tie to more than 4 hairs, or the knot will not hold)
  • Pull slip knot down to the base of the hair,  then gently pull knot tight on to the hair. Pull gently in opposite directions until the knot is tight at the base of the hair shaft.
  • Hold both ends of the tinsel in one hand, hold the 3 hairs in your other hand, and tie together into a tight knot.
  • Once the knot is at the base of the hair shaft, pull knot tight.
  • DROP THE HAIR. Pick up each end of the Hair Flairs strands, one in each hand. Place fingers very close to the knot and pull tinsel apart in opposite directions.
  • Your knot should be small, tight, and secure.
  • You should feel the knot flatten out, and LOCK on to the hair tightly. Your knot should not slide up at the hair at this stage.
  • Using both ends of the tinsel, tie a knot.
  • Pull gently in opposite directions until the knot is tight. Trim the ends of the tinsel to the length of the hair.
Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel Model
  • TO REMOVE: We recommend that you leave the strands in until they fall out on their own, when your hair naturally sheds.