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Directions Hair Crystalz

Hair Crystalz VIDEO:


Hair Crystalz Step1 
  • Using scissors, cut clear application sheet with desired amount of crystals attached.
  • Stick clear application paper on top of small thin section of hair.
  • Crystals should face up.
Hair Crystalz Step2
  • Place heated styling tool on top of clear paper and underneath hair.
  • Heat each crystal for 3 to 5 seconds. Crystals will bond to hair.
Hair Crystalz Step3
  • Let hair cool fully.
  • Remove clear application paper.
  • Crystals will last through several washes.
Hair Flairs Hair Crystalz TO REMOVE: Crystals will last through several shampoos and will eventually fall out by themselves. No glue, no residue, no damage to the hair. If you want to remove them sooner: Saturate the back of the hair and the crystal with hairspray OR alcohol and gently rub until detached. Discard crystal.