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Clear Tip Tinsel Directions


 Clear Tip Tinsel Step1
  • Insert micro-bead on to the threading needle. Section the hair. Take about 1/8" inch section of hair that is underneath the natural part line. Insert hair through the threading needle.
Clear Tip Tinsel Step2
  • Slide micro-bead off threading needle and on to the hair.
Clear Tip Tinsel Step3
  • Hold the micro-bead close to the scalp, insert the CLEAR TIP TINSEL into the micro-bead. Position the micro-bead so that it follows the natural flow of the hair. Do not hold it in an upwards or sideways direction, which will cause uneven tension. Hold the hair and micro-bead into position.
Clear Tip Tinsel Step4
  • Crimp the micro-bead flat. Be sure to crimp tightly, to secure the CLEAR TIP TINSEL. Trim the tinsel to the length of the hair.
Clear Tip Tinsel Model
  • TO REMOVE: Insert the micro-bead into the crimper. Crimp in the opposite direction to open. Slide off the micro-bead and CLEAR TIP TINSEL. Discard.