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About us

Hair Flairs was founded in March 2009 with the mission of providing great hair products at the most affordable price point, to make styling fun, and make every day a great hair day. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and always are willing to assist our customers with training, tips, helpful advice. We will do whatever we can to make your business a success. Hair is your most important accessory!

Hair Flairs launched the original 100% Made in the USA Pro Hair Tinsel in April 2009. Hair Flairs was the first company in the USA that sourced all USA made materials and produced a 22 color line of Pro Hair Tinsel which set the standard for the industry. We proudly continue to manufacture and package 100% Made in the USA Pro Hair Tinsel.

In January 2010, Hair Flairs introduced Feather Extensions to the world at the ISSE beauty trade show in Long Beach, CA. Feather Extensions quickly grew to be the hottest fashion hit of 2011, with several appearances on the the Today Show and celebrities such as Steven Tyler and Selena Gomez, as well as hair salons all over the world embracing the trend.

In January 2012, Hair Flairs proudly launched Color Rub. Hair Flairs Color Rub is the original temporary color that rubs directly on to hair, lets your hair be the life of the party, and then easily washes out. Always as a leader in creative solutions for hair adornment, Color Rub became the trend of 2012 and was discontinued in 2014.

Hair Flairs products are finished at the company’s production facility, packaged, and shipped to customers worldwide and has built a reputation for high-quality and on-time delivery of goods. The company currently sells both on the retail and wholesale marketplace with demand both in the domestic and international market. Hair Flairs has committed to distinguishing themselves among the competition by providing the best quality product, and delivering product in an innovative way to meet the demands of our customers.

Hair Flairs Headquarters is located in Brevard County Florida and proud to be part of the community in the Space Coast of Florida which is home to over 300 manufacturing and high-tech companies.

Hana Johnson, President of Hair Flairs LLC

Ms. Johnson manages and leads a team providing custom manufactured Hair Flairs products which are used by salon professionals and end user consumers. Ms. Johnson graduated Cum Laude from University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business, where she received an academic merit scholarship. Prior to leading Hair Flairs, Ms. Johnson had a diverse career path including working in the public sector for several municipal government agencies and in the private sector for a multi-million dollar avionics manufacturing company.